【AR】Antibacterial Ti-Cu alloy with enhanced mechanical properties as implant applications


The service life as hard tissue implantation for clinical application needs compatible mechanical
properties, e.g. strength, modulus, etc, and certain self-healing in case of internal infection.
Therefore, for sake of improving the properties of Ti-Cu alloy, the microstructure, mechanical
properties, corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties of Ti- x Cu alloy ( x = 2, 5, 7 and 10
wt.%) prepared by Ar-arc melting followed by heat treatment were studied. The results show that the
Ti-Cu alloy was mainly composed of α -Ti matrix and precipitated Ti 2 Cu phase. The Cu element
mainly accumulates in the lamellar structure and forms the precipitated Ti 2 Cu phase. As the
increase of Cu content, the lamellar Ti 2 Cu phase increases, the compressive strength and elastic
modulus also were altered. The Ti-7Cu alloy exhibited the higher compressive strength (2169 MPa) and
the lower elastic modulus (108 GPa) compared with other Ti-Cu …


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